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  1. Hi, i am looking at getting biggie carnation, mint and rose. Mint and rose is not listed in your website. May I check if they will be re-stock please? Thank you.

    1. Biggie rose and mint OOS. Restock in mid Jun-19

  2. Hi, I will like to know whether the custom printing must be of a certain quantity for us in order to request for it? As I will only like to purchase the cups (not in a big quantity) n personalise it. Its meant for family members. Hope to hear from u soon. Thank you.

    1. Hi,

      There is MOQ of 100 for logo printing at cost of $3/-. As for personalised name and text printing, the cost is $5-6/- per cup.

      Will PM you the details. Thanks.

  3. Hi there,

    I had just placed an order. I will like to have it customised as well. As its a gift from my daughter.

    Can pm me the details as well please?

    Also thinking of getting a few as gifts as well.


    1. Hi Linda,
      We have PM via your Gmail and the other email acct.

  4. Is your taka store price same as your website price?

    1. Hi, we have PM u 🙂
      We are the exclusive distributor of Stojo in Singapore. If you see the Stojo products are market under ‘Stojo shopee Mall’ or Stojo official store. The products are genuine advertised by our company.

      We do sell stojo products in Lazada SG as well under the seller of E&E Dynamic.


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