About Us & Our Customers

Mission Statement

—We commit to source and timely deliver innovative, bold and revolutionize products to our exceptional value customer.

Company Summary

Type of Business : Online Service Business

Products: Stojo collapsible cup, Joseph Joseph kitchenware, Tyre Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS), Smart sensor dustbin, Magic Clean microfibre wiper mop, Grass carpet and etcs.

*We sourced and imported those hype, innovative and lifestyle products from foreign market.

Our Customers

8 thoughts on “About Us & Our Customers

  1. Hi
    Im at Singapore till Friday morning.
    Where i can buy at the shop?


    1. Hi, you may purchase from Abbie Coffeehouse.

  2. Hey, do you have any offline store? Because i’m in Singapore until tomorrow morning. Looking forward for your reply

    1. Hi,
      You may try our reseller store at level 3, women section at Takashimaya. Thanks.

    2. What is the store name at your reseller store level 3 women section you mentioned at Takashimaya? Is it called enedynamic too? Is the price there same with online price? Also if items purchased online, can I claim for GST tax refund for tourists? Thanks

      1. Hi,
        Yes, takashimaya. The shop name is Stitch and price wise is $3 dollar more. So sorry, not really sure takashimaya provide GST claim service. Thanks.

  3. Hi there, will the straw able to drink bubble tea as well? thanks

    1. Hi,
      Biggie straw is pearl friendly. Note that pocket cup do not come with straw.


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