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Dear Lifestyle Product Resellers & Café Owners,

In recent years, people have started cutting down on plastic consumption as we have realised the harmful effects plastic can have on our environment, the oceans as well as to the wildlife.

The following are some of the initiatives:
1.Encourage the usage of reusable bags instead of plastic bags when shopping (ie. major supermarkets);
2.Encourage to bring your own flask for beverage (ie. Food Republic);
3.The latest evident movement taking place locally is that cafes and restaurants including fast food restaurants and even coffeeshops have either put a ban or stopped providing straws, sparking a new craze – reusable straws (ie. Song Fa, Ajisen Ramen, KFC and many more)

Join Us on Our Mission to End Disposable Cup Use

As the proud exclusive distributor of Stojo in Singapore, we are calling for resellers and café/restaurant owners who are bold and have strong belief against excessive usage of paper and plastic cups to join us on our mission to embark on this GREEN journey with us to build a sustainable city to live in.

Please contact Stojo Singapore Sales to discuss on our partnership and let us work towards a common mission.
1. Say NO to disposable cups and straws
2. Transform café and retail outlets to be ‘GREEN’ label
3. Be part of the green ambassador to promote Bring Your Own Cup (BYOC) campaign to end the disposable culture

Stojo is a patented design reusable cup that can be collapsed into portable size for people on the go.

Why Stojo?
1. Safe Materials:
 It is made from recyclable materials and is conformed to eco-friendly Food Grade Silicone standard which had obtained the LFGB certification (LFGB certification is higher than the FDA certification).
 It is BPA free and lead free.
2. Portable and Leak Proof:
 It can quickly be collapsed into a 5 cm leak proof disk where you can stow in your pockets/bags.
3. Easy Cleaning:
 Stojo breaks down quickly for easy cleaning and is dishwasher safe.
4. It is suitable to use in various occasions; at your cosy home, or the workplace, the school, or outdoor such as camping or hiking.

Dear Stojo fans and customers,

Thinking of what meaningful corporate gifts to purchase for your corporate event and D&Ds. Be the bold and GREEN ambassador to use a Stojo, we could save 2 million trees a year and minimise the damage to our planet by reducing non-recyclable disposal cup into landfills that adversely affects wildlife and humans.

Get a Stojo now that make from recyclable material and be part of GREEN ambassador to save the planet.

Wait no further, let us build a sustainable city!

Please contact Stojo Singapore Sales  for corporate discount if you are interested to purchase Stojo as corporate gifts, door gifts or souvenir for your company corporate event or GREEN campaign.





Love by U.S NYC

17 thoughts on “For Resellers, Corporate, Consumers

  1. Hai, i’m wilnardo from jakarta (indonesia). Planning to become one of the reseller, can you ship Stojo to here? Hopefully i can make an impact and make people aware about our world condition right now.

    If u can, may i see the term and condition and pricelist too?


    1. Hi Wilnardo,

      Thank you for your interest in Stojo. We have PM you on your queries.

  2. Hi, I’m from Thailand. And would like to be a Stojo’s reseller. Please Provide me information.

    1. Hi Emily, we have PM you. Thanks.

      1. Please pm to my email address:

        1. Hi Emily, had PM u 🙂

  3. Hi. I would like to become a Stojo reseller. Could you please email me more details about it? Thank you!

    1. Hi Catherine,

      Sorry for the late reply. Will PM you the info. Thanks

      1. Hi Catherine,

        Possible to drop us an email regards to become stojo reseller. Couldn’t locate your email address. Our sales email address is

  4. Hi, may i know terms n condition, required and price list to be stojo reseller?
    Thank you!

    1. Hi, pls write in to on collaboration and partnership. Thanks.

  5. Hi, E&E Dynamic Trading! I would like to become a Stojo reseller. Would you please email me the details ? Thank you!

    1. Hi, we have PM you

  6. Hi, I’m from Indonesia. I would like to know the reseller’s guide terms and conditions for your product. Please reach me at, Thank you!

    1. Hi, we have PM u

  7. Hello.
    I really interested to become one of Stojo reseller’s in Indonesia.
    Would you sent me the detail to my email?

    1. Hi,
      you may write to to discuss on our partnership. Thanks.

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